Conference venue

This conference will take place at the University of Basel in Switzerland should the pandemic situation allow. If not, we will hold the conference online. We will keep you informed on a regular basis once the abstract vetting is over.



Before you make a hotel reservation, please check in with us to see whether the conference can take place face-to-face in Basel.

Generally, make sure you read the cancellation policies carefully.

We have made reservations in a number of hotels for you. Please watch this space closer in time.


Travel information

Basel can be reached by train or plane. There are two train stations, Basel SBB and Basel Badischer Bahnhof. Ask your hotel, which station is closer to your hotel.

The closest airport is the Euroairport, which is connected to the Basel city center with bus 50 (22 min.). If you arrive at Zurich Airport, you will have to take a train to Basel (about 1 hour 20 min.).


Practical information


Switzerland has specific power sockets (type J or SEV1011) so please remember to bring a travel adapter for recharging your electronic equipment.


There is no need to buy bottled water, the tap water in Basel and its surroundings is drinkable. The public fountains in the city also provide drinking water.

City Ticket

In most hotels you will be given a mobility ticket which enables you to travel around the city for free. The public transport map is available at the registration desk. You can also find it here.


  • In case of medical emergency, dial 144 (ambulance)
  • In case of suspected poisoning, dial 145
  • Police: dial 117
  • Fire brigade: dial 118
  • If you need to visit a doctor or require immediate information, call the Medical Emergency Center at +41 61 261 15 15.